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Lucia is a young brunette escort from the cold countryside of Russia, and who knows what to do to warm her heart and the soul of all her clients. Lucia has a beautiful body, tonic and proportionate, which excites in a second and that every man loves to madness. Lucia is always working to find new ways to excite customers and to satisfy their most hidden fantasies, in exchange only for love, time and money.  

Lucia loves money a lot because it is the means to be used to have a lot of free time and the freedom to do what you really want in life. Lucia loves spending money on luxury clothes and accessories, such ah3s bags, hats, and jewelry, shopping with all her clients and talking about each topic. Lucia is an extremely professional escort, and she loves her job, and every day she satisfies all her clients in the best way.

Lucia is available for erotic massages of all kinds, sensual and tantra, for any kind of sexual experience and to overcome the limit.   Lucia has the elegance of a Russian princess, the need to live surrounded by precious things, from closets full of clothes, costly perfumes, new shoes every month, the freedom to do what you want and be your own boss. Andalucia loves this life, and she tries to pass on this passion to all customers every night.Lucia is perfect for those looking for a creative escort, but at the same time that respects the traditions and really loves every customer.  


Lucia loves to dine in intimacy with a client to be able to know him better and to show her personality. The best location to get to know Lucia is without a doubt the Sherpa Restaurant, which has an atmosphere that allows Lucia to feel close to home and feel incredible emotions. If you want to make a good impression with Lucia from the beginning, then immediately book a table at this restaurant, and choose the best menu, Lucia will love you instantly.  


Lucia was not born in DELHI, but she really loves this beautiful city, and every opportunity is perfect to explore it and get to know new places. If you want to spend an unforgettable day, then go with Lucia to visit the Local Place in Delhir. Lucia loves art very much and will become a perfect guide for you, much better than Wikipedia or the official guide of the museum.  


Are you tired or stressed? No problem, the sexual massage of Lucia and her sex can work wonders with a man. To experience her talent first hand, just book a super luxurious suite in one of the city’s best hotels, the WestCord Fashion Hotel DELHI, Lucia will come to your door with massage oil and a sexy outfit customized just for you. Lucia will never leave you alone until dawn, and you can really erase stress and fear. Maximum cleaning. Lucia does sex only with the condom.  

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